Procedure of the tenancy

Find out in 6 simple steps how a tenancy with us goes from the beginning to the end.

Inquiry and contract conclusion

  • You choose one of our offered rooms
  • You make an appointment for a viewing or you choose the option of renting the room directly
  • You conveniently send us a tenant self-disclosure with your data online
  • After successful verification of your data, we will send you the rental contract and all important information by email
  • You sign and return the rental contract by email and transfer the first installment (375 €) of the deposit (750 € in total), thereby the tenancy agreement is successfully concluded

Flat handover

  • Shortly before the start of the contract we will contact you to arrange an appointment for the handover of the apartment
  • At the handover of the apartment you will receive it clean, tidy and in working order
  • You will get all keys and the condition of the apartment will be documented
  • You will receive a housing provider confirmation for registration with the city of Hamm
  • You will receive important information sheets about your tenancy
  • Your name will be attached to the mailbox/bell
  • You pay your first rent from the beginning of the contract
  • You will have the opportunity to pay the first rent in cash when you are handed over the apartment


  • One month after moving in, usually at the same time as you pay the second rent, you transfer the second installment (375 €) of the deposit (750 € in total)
  • You will take good care of the flat until you move out
  • You are solely responsible for your room, all residents are equally responsible for the common rooms (kitchen, bathroom, hallway)
  • You will transfer your rent in full and on time within the first 3 working days of each month
  • You adhere to the house rules, the cleaning schedule and other rules concerning your tenancy
  • In particular, you show consideration for your flatmates and neighbours and separate the waste properly

Notice of termination

  • You observe the three-month notice period for your tenancy agreement
  • Your letter of termination (Sample form) must be sent to us by post or as a PDF by e-mail and with your handwritten signature three months before you plan to move out
  • The letter of termination must be received by us by the 3rd working day of a month in order for this month to be counted towards the period
  • The termination and the end of the contract always take place at the end of the month; your move out is of course also possible earlier and does not necessarily have to take place at the end of the month
  • If your letter of termination does not meet the legal requirements, the termination is legally invalid
  • After receipt of your letter, we will confirm your termination by email
  • An earlier move-out without observing the three-month notice period is only possible in exceptional cases and is related to conditions and fees

Flat acceptance

  • Shortly before the end of the contract, we will contact you to arrange an appointment for the acceptance of the apartment
  • At the flat acceptance, you return the apartment to us clean, tidy and in working order
  • You hand over all the keys you have received and the condition of the flat is documented
  • Your name is removed from the mailbox/bell

Deposit refund

  • Your deposit will be paid back to you as soon as possible after you move out in two equal installments
  • The first installment will be returned to you approximately 4 weeks after the end of the contract. If damage or soiling for which you can be held legally responsible is discovered, the costs incurred as a result will be deducted from the first installment
  • The second installment will be returned to you approx. 1 to 12 months after the end of the contract. If an additional payment amount is determined for your tenancy during the service charge settlement, this will be deducted from the second installment
  • Depending on the time you move out and the current status of the annual billing cycle, the payment of the second installment may be shorter (min. 1 month) or longer (max. 12 months) accordingly. We can only prepare the service charge statement for your tenancy if we have all relevant statements for heating, water, electricity and operating costs from the energy supplier and the property management