Frequently Asked Questions

How does the tenancy work?

Before moving in:

  • You apply for an offered room or flat
  • You send us your tenant self-disclosure with your data
  • If desired, a viewing takes place
  • You sign the tenancy agreement
  • You transfer the deposit or – if payment by installments has been agreed – the first installment of the deposit

When moving in:

  • The room or the flat is handed over
  • You receive all necessary keys
  • A handover protocol is made
  • You will receive a confirmation (“Wohnungsgeberbestätigung”) that you are living in our flat for the Citizens’ Registration Office (“Anmeldung” at “Bürgeramt”)
  • You will receive information sheets about your tenancy
  • Your name will be put on the letterbox and the doorbell
  • You transfer your first rent

After moving in:

  • You treat the flat with care and in accordance with the contract until you move out
  • You pay your rent in full and on time by the 3rd working day of the month
  • You will abide by the house rules and other guidelines concerning your tenancy
  • In particular, you will show consideration for your neighbours and separate your rubbish properly

Before moving out:

  • You pay attention to the three month notice period
  • Your notice of termination must reach us by post (a PDF by e-mail is also acceptable) and with your personal signature at least three months before you plan to move out
  • Short-term move-outs are possible by arrangement, with binding mediation of a suitable next tenant and the payment of a processing fee of € 50.00

When moving out:

  • You hand over the flat clean, tidy and undamaged
  • You return all keys received
  • A handover protocol is made again
  • You remove all your belongings from the flat
  • Your name is removed from the letterbox and doorbell

After moving out:

  • You will receive your deposit back within a few months after moving out
  • If damage or high additional ancillary or operating cost payments attributable to you are subsequently discovered, your security deposit will – after consultation with you – be retained in part or in full in accordance with the amount of the damage or additional payment
  • Your personal data will be temporarily archived, stored in accordance with legal storage obligations and then deleted

Before tenancy

No, all our rents and services are calculated performance-based and are not negotiable.

In shared flats we organize the whole furniture in common rooms (kitchen, bathroom). Also the individual rooms are usually already equipped with furniture (bed, mattress, wardrobe, desk, chair, lamp). For this a furniture rent of 20,00 € is integrated in the total rent.

Usually flats will be handed over empty. Sometimes there can be exceptions, let’s talk about it in person.

In our shared flats, the internet is usually organized by the residents themselves. If necessary, please contact them and discuss the contract situation and cost sharing. In some apartments, the internet is also provided by us. In these cases, an Internet fee of €10.00 is included in the total rent.

Of course, our flats have an internet connection. However, the tenant is responsible for the supply by an internet provider.

In our shared flats the payment of the broadcasting fee, which is legally required for each apartment, is usually organized by the residents themselves. In some flats, the broadcasting fee is already included in the total rent. Please clarify this with us in the individual case.

If you want to rent a flat with us, you are in any case responsible for paying the broadcasting fee by yourself.

  • Please have a look at our current offers
  • Search for the suitable offer
  • Use one of the offered contact options to apply
  • Please wait 1-2 business days for our response

Of course, you can view our apartments at your leisure before making a decision. In personal contact with you, we will be happy to arrange a viewing appointment.

Yes, as usual you have to pay a deposit to rent a room or an apartment.

For rooms, this is 600 to 900 EUR and is payable in two monthly installments of 300 to 450 EUR each.

For apartments, the deposit amount is usually the times the monthly cold rent.

This can happen. If you want, you can still get in touch with us and make an inquiry. Usually from time to time there are always free rooms and flats available.

During tenancy

If you are responsible for the damage, you must repair the problem on your own or pay for the damage financially.

In case of other damages concerning the rental property, get in touch with us and give us all the details. Here, too, you as the tenant can be financially involved in the repair under certain conditions. The small repair regulation applies contractually.

You are contractually obligated to transfer your rent payment by the 3rd working day of the month. The same applies to any outstanding deposit installments. If you do not meet your payment obligations on time, additional reminder fees will be charged as a result of reminders.

Please take a look at this page. There you will find PDF files with all the important information about your tenancy.

A three month notice period applies by contract. By law, you are required to send us your notice of termination in writing and with a handwritten signature by mail or as a PDF by e-mail. The letter must be received by us by the 3rd working day of a month, so that this month is still counted towards the period. If your termination letter does not meet the legal requirements, it is legally invalid.

Yes, you can use this form. This is a sample notice of termination for voluntary use by our tenants. This document, if completed correctly, will be accepted by us as an effective notice of termination. Our tenants are not obligated to use this sample termination letter. Any legal liability is excluded.

Usually not. By prior arrangement, we can agree on an earlier move-out date, as long as you provide a suitable next tenant and pay a one-time processing fee of € 50.00. Please note that your next tenant must meet certain requirements and we are not obliged to offer you this option or to accept your proposed next tenant.

Of course, you can also pay your rent until the end of the notice period, but already hand over the property to us before that.

Important: The written termination with three months notice is necessary in any case!

You would like to issue a power of attorney to a person to attend a handover appointment on your behalf? Then please fill out this document and send it to us.

Legally, it is not possible to simply withdraw a cancellation. Please contact us if you have this wish.

We have explicitly allowed you to withdraw your notice after prior agreement? Then please fill out this document and send it to us.

Note: We are neither contractually nor legally obligated to accept a withdrawal of your cancellation!

There are various reasons why someone might want to sublet their room. Generally this is also possible. Please note, however, that subletting must always be temporary and that you, as the contracting party, are responsible throughout for the payment of rent and the condition of your room or the common areas. You will also need explicit permission from us as the landlord. Not every proposed subtenant meets the necessary requirements. Please contact us before handing over any keys!

After tenancy

If everything is in proper order, you will receive your full deposit back a few months after you move out. The reason for the time delay is that we first have to wait for some statements until the consumptions for e.g. electricity, water and gas are clear.

If damages or high additional or operating cost payments are discovered, your deposit will – after informing you – be retained in part or in full according to the amount of damages or additional payments.

The exact time of the deposit repayment therefore depends on your individual case.

If you are still expecting mail at your former address, it is best to apply for a forwarding order (Nachsendeauftrag). On the day you move out or soon thereafter, we will remove your nameplates from the mailbox and doorbell.

Billing statements

As a tenant, you will regularly – usually annually – receive a statement of ancillary costs and operating costs. These include cost items such as electricity, gas, water, taxes and insurance fees. You pay a monthly installment for these, which is included in your rent. If your consumption is higher than you have paid over the year, you will have to pay the difference. If your consumption is lower, you will receive a refund.

While your basic rent and furniture rent do not change, your total rent also includes variable costs. You and all the other residents of your flat and the entire house can actively influence these through their behaviour. The variable costs include the ancillary costs. These usually include the costs for electricity and gas. We obtain these from the Stadtwerke Hamm (Hamm public utility company) at favourably priced rates. Electricity is used for lighting and electronic devices. In some flats, it is also used to heat the water for the shower, for example.

While your basic rent and furniture rent do not change, your total rent also includes variable costs. You and all the other residents of your flat and the entire house can actively influence these through their behaviour. The variable costs include the operating costs.

These are made up of current and consumption-dependent items.

Consumption items here are water and sewage consumption (e.g. for toilet waste water) and general electricity (e.g. lights in the hallway and basement).

Running costs for the house are also included in the operating costs. These are, for example, fees to the city for the ground, fees for the path and street in front of the house, fees for refuse collection, street cleaning, caretaker and insurance for the building.

Yes, you can actively influence the amount of your service charges and operating costs through your behaviour. If you behave in an energy-saving way, you will not have to fear any additional payments and your rent will not increase. As a tenant in a shared flat, you are always dependent on your flatmates and should coordinate your behaviour to reduce costs.

For example, you can make sure that no one takes excessively long hot showers every day, because this increases hot water consumption considerably. Excessive heating is also one of the main causes of high additional payments and rising service charges. Also, make sure that no one opens the windows for longer than 5 minutes in winter, because otherwise the heating has to heat up against the cold air coming in.

Different consumptions and costs have to be calculated by several companies. We receive these, bring them together and calculate on this basis whether you will receive an additional payment or a refund. This process is very time-consuming and usually takes place annually. If you move out at an inconvenient time, you may have to wait up to 12 months for your deposit refund.

Any more questions?

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