Energy crisis 2022/23

Please read the following to better understand the current developments and decisions surrounding your tenancy.


What challenge do we face?

Due to the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine and the subsequent global developments, the prices for gas and electricity have really skyrocketed.

One of the reasons for this is Germany’s sanctions against Russia. These led to a sharp reduction and even a complete stop in gas imports from Russia to Germany. Since Russia was the main supplier of low-priced gas for Germany, there is currently an extreme demand overhang on the German energy market due to the greatly minimized supply at constant and even increased demand. As a result, both companies and private households are having to pay more and more for the same amount of gas.

Because gas also plays a key role in the production of electricity, electricity prices are also skyrocketing for this reason, among others. There is no end in sight to these developments. The economy and end consumers will probably have to absorb the additional burdens for at least another 1 to 2 years.


What are the consequences?

As a tenant in one of our shared apartments, you have the advantage that the bills from Stadtwerke Hamm for electricity, gas and water are paid centrally by us as the landlord. In this way, we simplify the organization of the apartment and avoid possible gaps in supply in the event of a change of tenant.

However, in view of the fact that energy costs have risen many times over, this now means that the actual costs currently incurred for your energy consumption can only be partially covered by your existing rent. It is therefore obvious that it will no longer be possible to continue operating our flat-sharing communities as usual, unless some measures are taken. In order to keep your flat-sharing community running, firstly all tenants must contribute to the increased energy costs and secondly all tenants must save as much energy as possible.

In addition, we would like to point out that experience has shown that our tenants with an international background (Studying in Germany) consume up to three times as much energy (electricity, water, gas) as domestic tenants due to socio-cultural and climatic differences in the way of living. Since 90% of our tenants in shared apartments have that international background, we face a particularly big challenge here. As an international student, please be aware of the additional financial explosive power behind this circumstance in the face of skyrocketing energy prices. There needs to be a rethink in how we deal with energy use!


What can we expect now?

  • New leases at increased prices (solely due to energy prices, the cold rent remains the same)
  • Rent adjustments for existing tenants in line with rising energy costs
  • Restrictions in the consumption of gas (heating), hot water and electricity
  • Longer withholding of deposit until a detailed ancillary cost statement is available and possible additional payments are evident or can be ruled out


How can I minimize the impact?

  • Save energy! Please also pay attention to your roommates
  • Shower a maximum of 1 x daily for a maximum of 5 minutes
  • Avoid long, hot showers and baths
  • Heating in autumn, winter and spring max. on level 2, if necessary level 3
  • Sufficient room or apartment temperature: 18 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum acceptable room or apartment temperature: 20 degrees Celsius
  • Never leave windows open in winter with the heating on
  • Always turn off the light when leaving the room
  • Use of energy cost subsidies received solely for utility back payments or prepayments or rent adjustments


If you are already paying or will be paying increased ancillary costs, this does not entitle you to (continue to) not be careful with energy (electricity, water, gas). Rather, energy must still be saved in order to avoid further rent adjustments and additional ancillary cost payments!


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these challenging times!